PETA Reflection (Second Week of TA)

The school that I observed applies high value of discipline. Students who come late will not be permitted to enter the class for the first 30 minutes. For those who do not obey the school’s regulation will be asked to go out of the class until they are in correct regulation.

During the first week of observation, in a group I observed the class, and for the second week I do micro teaching for four science classes of second grade senior high school. Actually the class has a classification. Science class 1 is the community of the smartest students that is categorized by the result of school examination. Because of this classification, so as a teacher we use different teaching method for each class. That’s really interesting to join the class which is varying with characteristic of students’ understanding.

Although the class is vary, but I and my group apply co-construction models of learning in general. It is effective since students understand the material through collaboration and discussion with others. In the class we also enhance technology to make learning process as meaningful as well for students understanding. We use software Geogebra to make student easily visualize the graph. Students’ enthusiasm to learn math also improved when we draw a graph in Geogebra software, they look like curious on that. My group also showed video of math at the end of class to make students love mathematics more. Students feel exciting to watch that movie, so does the teacher who is being observed. Those are the effective things (in my point of view) when I do micro teaching.

The ineffective part of my micro teaching is pretest. Actually pretest is effective when we have enough time in class. But, in the reality the material that we delivered need much tutorial session. But we have to do that since our Guru Pamong ask pretest before tutorial. Because we were forced, so we do not have enough time to deliver the material as we planned before. The most ineffective is we cannot do the posttest. In my opinion, what’s the function of pretest if we cannot know the results of learning (posttest).

After the micro teaching ends, I thought many things that should be improved. If I have a chance to teach again in that school, I’ll be more focus to time management and teaching method. I will be maximized the function of technology in learning math. Of course sometimes I will give pretest to my students, but it depends on the situation and the material. Is the material easy to learn without tutorial first or not? Do we have enough time to do pretest and posttest?

I learn much from this week. Now, I am getting addicted to be a teacher and sharing knowledge to others. I wish I can be an effective teacher with effective teaching for my students. Get ready for Teaching Assistance the next semester.


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