Video Reflection

In this meeting I learnt much from PETA’s video which based on students’ experiences in teaching assistance.ย  The videos showed clearly what happened in the school that we observed. What the effective and ineffective became the main idea of videos. Students also reflect what they’ve seen and observed in different school.

My group consist of I, Richa, Dessy and Riyan showed the video about what the ineffective things on Master teacher’s teaching in class and what the effective way which is done by SSE students in teaching in the same class. Our message is negative reinforcemant from the teacher will affect student’s attitude in learning process. Students might be understand about the content, but it just because of they feel scare to the teacher. So that, students will not completely enjoy the learning process. I worried if this condition happen continously, students will get high depression of it. Moreover, we know that Math is the most scarry subject for most students. ๐Ÿ˜€

One thing that I feel a bit disappointed is the time duration for video. Because we just have 10 minutes, so many scenes that we cut and being in high speed. That’s why the quality for video was not as maximal as we expected. Whereas, we can do better if we have additional time. ๐Ÿ™‚

Generally I enjoyed this session. I do not only learn theory, but also we do practice and make it became more real with video editing. I also learn from other experiences and that’s really useful for us as a teacher candidates.

Thanks for sharing, sect A, and thanks Mr Iwan who has give us many suggestion to make our video project became successful.

Be inspiring teacher and make our students become the next leader!



~Shopia Mulyani~ 2009110011


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