The Power of Belief

On the third week, MMSEL’s class focuses on how belief can motivate someone to learn. We learn about beliefs about future outcomes, beliefs about intelligence beliefs about capability, beliefs about value and beliefs about causes of performance. Firstly, in class we are asked to have future expectation about five to ten years ahead. I just shocked with my friends’ answer. I thought that everyone in class has a high dream and they can be easily to share their idea. Actually, there are some of them who cannot tell the detail to others. That’s a little bit interesting.

I will tell you how the class activity running. As usual in Ms Mima’s class, the first session activity is about sharing, even the true experience or only dream. That was good to relate the sharing result to the topic that will be taught in the class. The next agenda is jigsaw activity. There should be always the expert and big group, right? So, I got in a group with Sabrin, Richa and Ester, in a big group. Then every member has their obligation to master some sub topics. It also interesting, since we have to share what we already know about what belief is then we have to relate it with the real life cases that we might found in a class.

As a teacher, we have to act carefully, what we say, what we do can affect students’ belief and motivation toward learning. If we always support students, it also can make them depend on the teacher. Teacher only has to at least stimulate their curiosity and make them belief that they can pass every test if and only if they learn more. As I read on the article, the more you learn, the more you understand. So, I hope in the future, I will be able to be inspiring person that automatically motivate people, that’s should be a teacher as a role model.

Beside the activity inside a class, I do have a deep reflection about what belief is. Once, when I believe about something, than the motivation comes inside and people support you, then I will be more motivated. But, when I belief about something then people do not sure with my belief, I always getting down of this, I feel like the one who always trying harder. Soo galau. But I realize that most people always feel that he/she is the one who trying harder and getting down alone, in fact that was wrong. So, it just about the perception, I think. No matter what others says about, if we belief that we are in a right place, so, don’t be doubt to do something through learning. The reason is, it will be too late to make an improvement, if we force people to understand. Since every person has their own definition and perception.

Just belief, that every succeed comes with the powerful belief in achieving the goal. (Mulyani, 2011)

via The Power of Belief.


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